mercoledì 28 gennaio 2015


Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of  Auschwitz 's liberation. I always felt very close to the Holocaust, although I am not Jewish and did not have, fortunately, relatives involved.
And yesterday, while I was sitting in silence thinking of all the people who died there, I've come up with this thought.
We all witnessed lately the terrible facts linked to Islamic terrorism and ISIS, we outraged across the barbarism and the incredible cruelty, as if it belonged there, and as if we, the Western and culturally superior society, were absolutely alien to certain horrors.
Let us not forget, however, that 70 years ago right here in our civilized Europe, unbelievable and equally inhuman and cruel facts happened.
Let us always remember the past. Let us always remember tha we are all human, and therefore all subject to the same impulses towards good and to evil.

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