giovedì 18 giugno 2015

Letter from faraway

One month ago I found a little envelope in my mailbox. When I read the sender I was speachless. A wonderful woman had decided to spent some minutes of her precious time to write to me:a stranger, who lived at the other side of the planet, with whom she had just exchanged a few messages.
I feel honored and blessed to know such a beautiful person.
Thank you again, Kim.

martedì 9 giugno 2015


Every mother teaches children (both female and male, I hope) the importance to keep the house clean.
Why don't they teach how to keep the mind clean?

giovedì 29 gennaio 2015

Size Matters

I don't think this box fit for my not-so-thin cat (though Amelie doesnt't believe that to be true).
She love it.

mercoledì 28 gennaio 2015


Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of  Auschwitz 's liberation. I always felt very close to the Holocaust, although I am not Jewish and did not have, fortunately, relatives involved.
And yesterday, while I was sitting in silence thinking of all the people who died there, I've come up with this thought.
We all witnessed lately the terrible facts linked to Islamic terrorism and ISIS, we outraged across the barbarism and the incredible cruelty, as if it belonged there, and as if we, the Western and culturally superior society, were absolutely alien to certain horrors.
Let us not forget, however, that 70 years ago right here in our civilized Europe, unbelievable and equally inhuman and cruel facts happened.
Let us always remember the past. Let us always remember tha we are all human, and therefore all subject to the same impulses towards good and to evil.

giovedì 15 gennaio 2015


When I started this blog, some months ago, my life was almost perfect. But I did not know that.
I had some problems, of course, like all of us, but nothing serious.
And still, I really struggled finding beauty in my days. That's why I opened the blog: to push myself to look at the bright side of life, instead of complaining and fix my attention on what can go better.
Then some things happened in the last month, and my life went upside down. Something unexpected hit me, and I was totally unprepared. After some days in which my pain and my anger really took over, I started to see the light again.
And that's when I start to think over some things:
- That our mind is so accustomed to all the joy and gifts that we have in our everyday's life, that can not see them. Untill something, usually something bad, opens up our eyes. And sometimes it is to late to appreciate what we had, because it is gone. It is completely non sense;
- That even in the worst moments, we need and we are entitled to find happiness in our days;
- That there is a big difference between having strong convictions and ideas in mind and practice them;
- That all the gifts and presents can't stand a smile from the ones I love;
My life is starting to return to "normal" slowly; lukely what had broken can and want to be fixed.
But I want, more than ever, keep on lerning with humbleness and with love

venerdì 2 gennaio 2015

Happy new year!

I love Christmas Holidays..I love the Christmas eve, the family reunion, the food and the plays of Christmas, and then new year's day spent with friends..
But you know what I like the most? The days in beetween, spent at home doing absolutely nothing..just reading, whatching tv and walking around..I sure love those!
Have a wonderful 2015...