martedì 4 novembre 2014

What goes around comes around

There's a Tv show, here in Italy, whose name is Report. Every week they analyse a certain subject, and they make investigations. This weeks it was about Moncler, a brand, as you may know, which produce luxory jackets and anoracks (1500 € each!).
As it turn out, the way in which they produce does not meet the image of luxory and glamour that they sell through fashion magazines: total disrespect of european regulation on goose defeathering, relocation of the production in anti-democratical country, underpaid workers.
Nothing new, you may say, and it's true: surely Moncler is not the only one who acts this way.
As a metter of facts, after seeing the show, I was so frustrated and depressed: this is the world in which we want to live? These rules of immorality, greed and selfishness are really the only rules the world can follow now? What should I do, with all my indignation, against that? Nothing, I thought.
I even asked myself if it makes any sens my willing to be informed. Maybe is better be ignorant.
But then, something unexpected happened: after the show a little revolution on the social media happened, people were so angry against Moncler, they threatens to boycott the firm. As a result of this there was not only an image damage for the company, but also an economic failure. In the stock market  Moncler has lost 4.9%.
So it is not all useless: we still can make our voice be heard. We can reward honest producer, we can punish the others.
If we follow our values, we can make a real difference.
So satisfying.

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